A Complete Visitor Guide to Las Tintoreras, Isabela Island

A Complete Visitor Guide to Las Tintoreras

Las Tintoreras is famous for its scenic treks, mesmerizing marine wildlife, and spectacular snorkeling spots. This small islet within Isabela Island offers a fantastic getaway in one of the Pacific’s breathtaking Galapagos islands, which are part of Ecuador’s Galapagos province. It’s a magical paradise for nature lovers and the ultimate spot to retreat from your exhausting daily schedule to explore the Pacific in style. Las Tintoreras has enough fun activities, including snorkeling and trekking, to keep you happy in your sojourn in the Galapagos.

Keep reading this visitor guide to the islet to learn all the vital details you’ll need while planning your upcoming visit to Tintoreras.

How Can I Get to the Islet?

Las Tintoreras may be far from Ecuador’s mainland. Visitors, however, have many ways to get to the islet without breaking the bank. These are some ways to get to Las Tintoreras during your tour.

Boat Tours

Las Tintoreras is accessible via boats and other water vessels. Boat tours at the islet start in the early mornings and end in the early afternoons, taking an average of 3 hours. These guided tours begin with wildlife viewing along the islet’s bay, leading visitors to an easy trekking trail en route to Tintoreras channel. The tours offer English-speaking guides, snorkeling gear for snorkeling lovers, and return boat transport.Guide to Las Tintoreras

Galapagos Cruises

Cruises help visitors enjoy a live-abroad experience while traveling to Las Tintoreras. Yachts operate within the Galapagos islands, offering cruises to tourists exploring the region, including Las Tintoreras.

Kayak Tours

Kayaking can be an excellent option for getting to Las Tintoreras for those willing to paddle the Pacific’s crystalline waters. Kayak tours are harder on your wallet but can be enjoyable if you pre-book them on time.

What Can I Do in Las Tintoreras?

Las Tintoreras is a natural paradise for the sanguine nature lover, thanks to the long list of things to see and watch on this breathtaking islet. Here are a few things to keep you busy during your Tintoreras visit.

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife is the most significant attraction of Las Tintoreras. You can encounter Galapagos penguins on your land tour along the islet’s shores. Las Tintoreras is known worldwide for its large population of marine iguanas. You won’t miss an opportunity to see large groups of whitetip reef sharks resting in the islet’s shallow waters. The sea lions at Las Tintoreras might be noisy, but these creatures are crowd-pleasing and always eager to greet visitors.Las Tintoreras


Trekking at Tintoreras can be an exceptional way for tourists to experience the fantastic wildlife of the Galapagos region. You can walk the 1.4 km Tintoreras circular trail and witness one of the world’s largest breeding marine iguana colonies. The trail also takes you through the historic Tintoreras lava channel, which gives hikers close views of reef sharks.


Las Tintoreras boasts crystal-clear waters with excellent underwater visibility, making the islet a fantastic snorkeling destination. It has several spots that allow you to go underwater. A snorkeling tour with your naturalist can be worthwhile while at Tintoreras. Anticipate encountering playful sea lions, colorful reef fish, and reef sharks while undertaking this activity.


Kayaking also lets you experience the charming, colorful fish below the islet’s water. Furthermore, a guided kayak tour helps you explore the vast area of Las Tintoreras through the hidden coves.

Best time to Visit Las Tintoreras

Las Tintoreras is a terrific destination to tour throughout the year. The islet sits on the equator, so water and air temperatures are stable year-round. Planning your trip to Tintoreras in advance helps you get the best out of your stay in this Galapagos destination.

Visiting the islet from December to May is ideal for watching turtles nest on the beaches and witnessing the annual bird mating season since the temperatures are relatively warmer. Due to the Humboldt Current, marine life at Las Tintoreras peaks from June to November, when land temperatures are more remarkable. It’s an opportune time for marine life lovers and experienced divers to test the waters at this location.

Where to Stay During Your Las Tintoreras Vacation

The ideal place to seek accommodation during your visit to the Tintoreras is Puerto Villamil. The port town has many classic hotels that won’t break visitors’ travel budgets. The hotels include:

  • Isla del Descanso: The hotel is a five-minute walk from the Galapagos National Park. It’s also close to key attractions in the Tintoreras, including Puerto Villamil Beach and Concha de Perla Park.tintoreras
  • Gran Hostal Tintoreras: This budget-friendly hotel has clean and comfy rooms. Situated in Puerto Villamil, it is within walking distance of the beach. The hotel service is excellent, and the dishes are mouth-watering.
  • Paraiso de Isabela: The hotel is a few minutes walk to Puerto Villamil Beach and other areas of interest in Las Tintoreras. It offers clean and comfortable triple rooms, superb amenities, and spacious parking.

Precautions to Adhere to While Vacationing at Las Tintoreras

Las Tintoreras is a fantastic destination for an exceptional island getaway. As enchanting as it is, visitors must always take precautions while staying at Tintoreras. These are the safety measures to take while exploring Las Tintoreras:

  • Stick to the Trail: Las Tintoreras is a crucial breeding site for Galapagos marine iguanas. Visitors can accidentally step over nests, ultimately destroying the hatching eggs. Always remain on the trail and adhere to the guide’s instructions lest you wander to iguana nests and ruin their eggs.Visitor Guide to Las Tintoreras
  • Be Mindful of the Black Lava: The black lava all over the Tintoreras can be pleasant to view and walk on. However, it’s incredibly sharp and can lead to painful cuts. Be cautious while walking on the black lava.
  • Don’t Get Too Close to the Wildlife: Las Tintoreras has many ferocious sea creatures, such as reef sharks. For your safety, it’s advisable to keep away from these creatures while in the water. Always heed the guide’s warning when they tell you not to get too close.


Las Tintoreras is an outstanding destination with something for every visitor to enjoy. It’s the only place globally to see a vast population of reef sharks and marine iguana colonies. You should add Las Tintoreras to your Isabela Island vacation itinerary!

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