Privacy Policy

Updated on: August 5, 2023

1. Overview

At, the safeguarding of your private details is of utmost importance to us. This document sheds light on the nature of data we collect from our visitors and the purposes it serves.

2. Gathering Personal Details

When you drop by, the IP used to approach the site, along with the timestamp of your visit, will be stored. We utilize this data for trend analysis, site upkeep, monitoring user navigation, and broad demographic insights. Key note: these IP addresses aren’t tied to any personal details.

Additionally, we might amass data like names or email addresses when our visitors willingly provide them, for example, during comments or newsletter registrations.

3. Role of Cookies

Our site,, might deploy cookies to retain details of visitor preferences, document data specific to user’s page interactions, or adjust web content based on the user’s browser or other incoming data.

4. External Links and Partners

Occasionally, may showcase or introduce third-party offerings. Be aware, these third-party entities maintain their distinct privacy guidelines. We don’t have control or accountability over their content or operations. However, we do appreciate any input regarding these entities to maintain our site’s reputation.

5. Adhering to COPPA is committed to not deliberately amassing data from those below the age of 13. Our offerings are tailored for individuals 13 years or older. If unintentional data collection from underaged users occurs, corrective actions, including data deletion, will be taken.

6. Acknowledging Consent

Engaging with our platform implies your acknowledgment and agreement with our privacy norms.

7. Amendments to Guidelines

At its discretion, may modify these guidelines. We recommend users to periodically review this section to stay abreast of our data protection measures.

8. Reaching Out

For clarifications or concerns on these privacy norms, feel free to connect with us at