Virgo And Libra Friendship Compatibility: Better Off As Friends

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Many believe that Libras and Virgos are incompatible because of their opposing elements. However, some similarities may make a connection possible between the two.

In this article, we dive into the intricacies of the Libra and Virgo friendship. Plus, learn how to make Virgo and Libra relationships work!

Libra and Virgo Compatibility: An Overview

Do Libras and Virgos have compatibility in friendship? Let’s dissect some of their traits to see how they may interact!

1.  Communication

Libras are empathetic listeners. They’re able to pick up on non-verbal cues and make their partners feel validated. Libras also tend to be polite, considerate, and willing to compromise.

On the other hand, Virgos are precise when it comes to communicating. They see details others may miss and discuss topics analytically.

One similarity between Libras and Virgos is their love for deep conversations. These two can talk for hours and express their ideas intellectually and logically.

Yet, communication may break down during an argument. This is because both Libras and Virgos hate conflict. They would rather sweep the problem under the rug than tackle it head-on.

Unfortunately, frustrations can accumulate because of this, leading to resentment in the long run.

2. Values

Libras value beauty, aesthetics, and balance. Everything must be in order and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, they prioritize justice and fairness. They often advocate against inequality.

Virgos are like Libras in terms of their values. They are perfectionists who won’t settle for less. Plus, they have a drive to contribute to causes larger than themselves.

Because of these traits, Libras and Virgos may have aligned goals in life.

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3. Shared Activities

Libras are full of energy and love traveling. They appreciate high-end food, dramas, and musicals. Painting is a perfect activity for Libras because it can calm their minds.

For Virgos, ideal activities involve preciseness and attentiveness. These may be crocheting, golfing, dancing, horticulture, or archery.

Both Virgos and Libras are attracted to art. Shared activities can be going to museums or collecting knick-knacks. You may also enjoy doing charity work together.

However, if you’re living together, be careful of hoarding. Failing to keep collections organized can be aggravating for Virgos and Libras alike.

4. Social Life

In a social setting, Libras are charmers that others flock to. They’re friendly and outgoing, making them great hosts.

Compared to this, Virgos don’t like large parties. They’re happier meeting with a tight-knit group. Virgos often keep a small circle of people they’ve known since childhood.

In a Libra and Virgo friendship, the Libra should be careful not to overwhelm the Virgo in social settings. Once you find balance, a friendship between Libras and Virgos is solid and fun!

Libra and Virgo Friendship Challenges

Virgo is an Earth sign that’s stable, grounded, and goal-driven. Meanwhile, Libra is an air sign. Meaning, they are ever-changing, liberated, and adventurous.

Unfortunately, because of the opposing traits, these signs may not be compatible. Let’s look at some of the challenges of a Virgo and Libra friendship.

1. Financial Misalignment

One of the biggest challenges of Libras and Virgos is their misalignment when it comes to spending habits.

Libras will prioritize aesthetics and aren’t afraid to spend a pretty penny on it.

In contrast, Virgos can be frugal and practical. They’re not willing to pay for trips, food, or clothing that are too expensive.

The differences in spending habits mean that, when they first meet, a Libra may criticize Virgo’s humble possessions. A Virgo may also decline to go on outings with a Libra if the latter plans an extravagant trip.

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2. Differences in Outlook

In general, air signs like Libras prefer an adventurous lifestyle. They’re free-spirited, eccentric, and spontaneous. A friendship with a Libra feels like a whirlwind of excitement and fun!

Compared to this, Virgos have the Earth element. They prefer stability and careful planning. Virgos often urges others to have a grounded approach to life.

For this reason, a Libra may feel suffocated by a Virgo’s friendship.

3. Avoidant Personalities

Another issue is that Libras and Virgos prefer letting others lead.

Libras are people pleasers who would agree with someone’s plans rather than initiate. Virgos, on the other hand, has a serving attitude.

In a Libra and Virgo friendship, if neither side takes initiative, the relationship could quickly fizzle out.

Moreover, after an argument, Libras and Virgos might simply avoid each other instead of mending the relationship.

Can Libra and Virgo Become Good Friends?

Yes, Libras and Virgos can become good friends despite their incompatibility. These star signs have plenty in common, and their hobbies may align.

Friendships can be successful if one side feels comfortable in a leadership role. For instance, if the Virgo has an Aries moon, they may be compatible with a Libra.

What’s more, since Libras is indecisive, having Virgo come in and make detailed plans is beneficial for both parties.

Of course, each side must still take the initiative to maintain the friendship in the long run.

Libra and Virgo Relationships

Romantic relationships between Libras and Virgos may be riddled with issues. Some believe that these star signs are better off as friends than lovers.

Libras can be very flirtatious at times. This, paired with their tendency to become social butterflies, can make Virgos jealous.

Another problem is that Virgo’s frugality can make Libra feel unappreciated. Libras are overthinkers who may misinterpret Virgo’s practicality.

On the plus side, both signs are dutiful and loyal. Once they surpass the challenges, a relationship between a Virgo and Libra is possible.

Libras can love passionately and focus their full attention on the Virgo, making the latter feel like royalty. These star signs are capable of intellectual communication and compromise as well!

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Are Virgo and Libra Sexually Compatible?

There may be incompatibility between Virgo and Libra in bed. Neither is willing to take the lead, so they may struggle to connect.

Still, the relationship may work in some cases.

Virgos are natural givers while Libras prefer getting pampered. With the proper communication and compromise, Virgos and Libras can be happy together.

How Can You Make a Libra and Virgo Relationship Work?

To make a Libra and Virgo relationship work, my advice is to avoid sweeping issues under the rug. Learn how to recognize the signs of miscommunication and be willing to meet halfway.

A Libra and Virgo couple must know how to give and take. You have contrasting values, so ask your partner about their love language!

The Verdict

Can a Libra and Virgo friendship work?

In truth, Libras and Virgos may naturally repel each other at first. Libras can be critical of Virgo’s frugality. Virgos may feel that Libras are too materialistic.

The good news is if both sides look past their differences, they may realize they have plenty in common.

Virgos and Libras can engage in meaningful conversation to establish a connection. When they put effort into a relationship, Virgos and Libras can be loyal life-long buddies!

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