How to Visit the Mermaid Caves on Oahu and How to Get There

mermaid caves oahu

Oahu, Hawaii’s third-largest island, is one of the best physical attractions in the world. A fascinating natural phenomenon, the Oahu Mermaid Caves, is among the many riches waiting for your discovery there.

I went on my first Hawaiian getaway with my family back in 2018. The captivating beaches and the kind residents instantly won my heart. As a result, it became one of my most remarkable experiences in recent memory.

Statistics prove that over 6 million tourists visited Hawaii in 2021. You can never go wrong with spending quality time on an island. In this post, we will take a virtual trip to Oahu’s Mermaid Caves and learn all there is about this ethereal location. I will also shed light on its rich history and how to get there.

mermaid cave oahu

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Discovering the Secrets of the Mermaid Caves

The Mermaid Caves, also called the Makua Caves, are a distinctive geological structure close to Nanakuli on Oahu’s west shore. The name of these sea caves comes from the enigmatic and captivating experiences that guests frequently share while delving into their depths. Before we delve into Oahu’s natural beauty, let’s explore the fascinating mythology and history surrounding these caverns.

Ancient Hawaiian goddesses who changed into stunning mermaids and sought safety in these caves are the subject of a centuries-old mythology known as the Mermaid Caves. They are still said to be a hallowed location where the ghosts of these mermaids reside. Exploring the caverns is enhanced by their appeal and fascinating history.

Planning Your Adventure

There are a few crucial planning stages to take into account before embarking on your journey to the Mermaid Caves. Each of these is crucial to making your trip an enriching experience.

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Weather Conditions

Oahu’s weather is unpredictable. So, it’s imperative to check the forecast before you leave. Check out the caves on a day with clear skies and calm seas to truly appreciate the natural beauty and safety. As sight and safety within the caverns might be impacted by unpredictable weather, be ready to modify your plans as necessary.

Tide Timing

Because the Mermaid Cave Oahu is only accessible at low tide, it is essential to consult a tidal chart. To ensure safe entry to the caves and to fully appreciate its spectacular splendor, schedule your visit at low tide. Timing is crucial because high tide can cover the opening and make it dangerous to access.

Safety Gear

Pack the essentials to ensure a safe and comfortable travel. Sturdy water shoes with high grip are a must for crossing the rocky ground surrounding the caverns. Additionally, the darker corners of the caverns can be securely explored with the aid of a trustworthy flashlight or headlamp. If you wish to scuba dive, bring your gear, but always emphasize your safety.

Local Knowledge

It’s a good idea to get local information before you leave. Talk to locals or guests who have recently visited the Mermaid Caves. They might offer insightful information about the state of the area, possible dangers, and any other suggestions to improve your trip and guarantee your safety.

oahu mermaid cave

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How to Get to Oahu Mermaid Cave

Travel west on the H-1 expressway from Honolulu and take Exit 1A to merge onto the Farrington Highway. Drive about 25 miles on the highway, and you’ll arrive in Nanakuli. Once in Nanakuli, look for a little road on the right called Haleakala Avenue. After making a left turn onto Haleakala Avenue, park your vehicle on the shoulder.

Starting at the parking area, you’ll embark on a brief, although quite tough, climb to reach the breathtaking caves. Because the path can be uneven and occasionally steep, appropriate footwear is required. This 0.3-mile trail takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Travel with caution, especially on slick surfaces and hills.

Exploring the Mermaid Caves

The caves become visible as you move closer to the slope. Volcanic activity over the years has resulted in a network of tunnels that make up these sea caves. For adventurers, the green waters of the caverns reflect the vibrant colors of the surrounding rock formations, creating a photographic and photographic dream world.

A waterproof torch or headlamp is a must if you want to navigate the dark caves securely. As you go deeper, you might see bright marine life, such as colorful fish and maybe even sea turtles. The pristine waters of the caverns also offer great snorkeling and underwater exploration opportunities.

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How Can You Respect the Environment While at Mermaid Cave?

It’s critical to keep in mind that when you travel to the Mermaid Caves, you must preserve and protect the environment. Let us pledge to uphold a code of ethics as we venture deeper into this ethereal world to make sure the Mermaid Caves continue to be a pure haven for future generations. This section looks at how we may protect this amazing place’s delicate environment and cultural value while traveling light and simply taking our memories and footprints with us. Consider the following:

  • Preserve the Natural Beauty: Make sure that no trash or debris is left behind to keep the Mermaid Caves looking as beautiful as they can. Remove all of your belongings, including any rubbish, to preserve the delicate ecosystem.
  • Prevent Upsetting the Wildlife: A variety of aquatic life can be found in the caverns and their environs. Any species you encounter should not be touched or disturbed to preserve their ecosystem. Refrain from taking pictures of them and observe them from a respectful distance.
  • No Vandalism or Graffiti: Only leave your footprints as a reminder. Avoid the temptation to paint or write anything on the cave walls because doing so would ruin the area’s natural beauty. Recognize the Hawaiian people’s spiritual and historical significance with the Mermaid Caves.
  • Keep Natural Artifacts in Place: The caverns might hold special natural riches and geological formations. But we must preserve them unaltered so that future generations can enjoy them. Avoid the urge to gather shells, rocks, or other natural objects.
  • Stay on Designated Paths: To reduce your environmental effects, stay on recognized trails and paths. Steer clear of trampling on fragile vegetation or upsetting the ecosystem’s delicate equilibrium.

mermaid caves oahu

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  • Which Times of Year Are Ideal for Visiting the Mermaid Caves?

Low tide is the ideal time to see the Mermaid Caves at Oahu. Make sure you schedule your visit during low tide by consulting a trustworthy tidal chart ahead of time. It’s also best to have sunny, calm weather for a safe and fun experience.

  • Are Families With Children Able to Visit the Mermaid Caves?

Families may find the Mermaid Caves a fun place to visit, but they should always consider their kids’ age and swimming ability. There may be some hiking and negotiating across uneven terrain on the trip to the caves to keep in mind, too. When near the water, younger kids should be properly watched, and life jackets are a good idea for added security.

  • What Should You Carry to the Mermaid Caves?

When visiting the Mermaid Caves, remember to pack sunscreen, a first aid kit, and plenty of water to drink. Strong, well-grip swimming shoes and a lantern come in handy when exploring caves. Carrying the relevant permissions or passes for the area is also a smart idea.


A trip that blends adventure, history, and the appeal of the mysterious is a visit to Oahu Mermaid Cave. From this magical site, you’ll take fond memories of your travels and a stronger bond with Oahu’s abundant natural beauty and rich folklore. The Mermaid Caves are an Oahu treasure that offers an amazing experience. Arrange your travel, be mindful of the surroundings, and experience the enchantment of the Mermaid Caves — a journey well worth taking.

Lisa Morrison is a storyteller with an eye for life's wonders. Passionate about writing, she captures fleeting moments with precision. In her spare moments, she's often found chronicling the world around her.

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