Swoop Airlines Baggage Fees and How to Save Money

swoop checked baggage fees

Looking for a budget airline? Then Swoop Airlines is a great option. It is a low-cost airline that provides cheap flights, including several options for travelers to save some money. However, before you book your ticket, ensure you understand the Swoop Airlines baggage fees to avoid getting caught off guard by any unexpected fees or problems during security checks. Technically, Swoop Airlines, also known as FlySwoop, has separate charges for the luggage. So, what are swoop baggage fees, and how can you save money? Let’s find out.

Swoop Airlines Baggage Fees

Having to leave one of your favorite items at the airport because you are carrying too much weight sucks. When it comes to Swoop Airlines, there are various limitations concerning carry-on and checked baggage. The airline will charge you extra for excess weight, size, or volume, which might put a dent in your tight pocket. Let’s learn more about Swoop Airlines’ baggage policies.swoop checked baggage fees

Carry-On Baggage Allowance

For Swoop Airline, charges for carry-on baggage vary based on the distance flown and even the time of payment. Want to save some money? Consider paying for your carry-on baggage while getting your ticket. You get to pay lower fees following this approach. You can also opt to pay during check-in, but that attracts a higher price. Swoop Airline permits you to have one personal item free of charge. 41 cm x 15cm x 33cm is the maximum measurement of the expected items in your carry-on bag, plus the carry-on bag must be at most 52cm x 23cm x 38cm. Items that fall under personal items include:

  • Laptop bag
  • Briefcase
  • Small backpack
  • Purse

However, these items don’t count as personal items:

  • Umbrellas
  • Jackets
  • Diaper bags
  • Duty-free items
  • Wheelchairs
  • Child restraint seats
  • Clutches
  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments

This means that any items not listed as personal will incur additional charges, except for assistive items. Hence, try to pack essential items that will fit under the seat in front of you perfectly to avoid paying extra. Additionally, you can carry an additional carry-on bag that will be charged as follows (amount in CAD):

Short Distance, Usually Less Than 1,000 Km

  • Online – $42
  • Check-in – $52.50
  • Airport – $63

Medium Distance, Normally 1,000 – 3,000 Km

  • Online – $50 – $57.50
  • Check-in – $60 – $69
  • Airport – $70 – $80.50

Long Distance, Typically Above 3,000 Km

  • Online – $60 – $67.80
  • Check-in – $70 – 79.10
  • Airport – $80 – $90.40

Note: The fee is paid in CAD when leaving from Canada and in USD when departing from the US.swoop airline baggage

Swoop Checked Baggage Fees

Want to carry checked luggage on a Swoop Airlines flight? You should first know what to expect in terms of restrictions and rates associated with each piece of luggage.

At Swoop Airlines, a traveler is allowed to have only four checked baggage. Plus, it must be below the maximum weight and dimension. That is:

  • 50 lbs or 23 kg weight
  • 62″ or 157 cm dimension

Technically, just like the carry-on luggage charges, the airline charges checked baggage by distance bands of your flight. Baggage costs less when booking short-haul flights; therefore, under the distance–based fee model, most passengers opt for direct flights while flying with Swoop to minimize charges. Technically, you’ll pay more for every bag that is checked after the first one. The applicable fees are as follows:

Short Distance

Bag 1:

  • Online $42
  • Check-in $52.50
  • Airport $63

Bag 2:

  • Online $63
  • Check-in $73.50
  • Airport $84

Bag 3:

  • Online $94.50
  • Check-in $105
  • Airport $115.50

Bag 4: Same charges as Bag 3

Medium Distance

Bag 1:

  • Online $50-57.50
  • Check-in $60-69
  • Airport $70-80.50

Bag 2:

  • Online $70-80.50
  • Check-in $80-92
  • Airport $90-103.50

Bag 3:

  • Online $100-115.00
  • Check-in $110-126.50
  • Airport $120-138

Bag 4: Same charges as Bag 3

Long Distance

Bag 1:

  • Online $60-67.80
  • Check-in $70-79.10
  • Airport $80-90.40

Bag 2:

  • Online $80-90.40
  • Check-in $90-101.70
  • Airport $100-113

Bag 3:

  • Online $110-124.30
  • Check-in $120-135.60
  • Airport $130-146.90

Bag 4: Same charges as Bag 3swoop airlines baggage fees

What Are Swoop Oversized Baggage Fees?

Technically, Swoop will still take your luggage but with an added fee that is quite expensive. Oversized luggage means a package that weighs more than the specified weight and occupies space larger than the designated dimensions. That is:

  • Length, width, and height of 157 cm, but not more than 203 cm
  • A weight of 23kg, however, not over 45 kg (100 lbs)

For the overweight baggage, Swoop charges an additional docking fee of $105 to $ 115. The fee applies for domestic and international flights. You will have to pay this as you check your bags at the airport if the luggage is measured and determined to be oversized. This means one thing: more money!

Have you noticed anything in particular yet? If you haven’t, Swoop baggage fees increase the more bags you bring. This means you can save more, provided you pack lighter and bring only the essential items.

How to Save On Swoop Airline Baggage Fees

You can follow various strategies to save money on your baggage on flights. To cut costs on Swoop Airlines baggage fees, follow these tips:

  • Register for Swoop’s membership program. It gives you access to reduced baggage fees, among other benefits.
  • Buy the baggage allowance while booking the ticket or before coming into the airport.
  • Pack only the essentials and try to put everything into your carry-on or checked baggage. If there are items you can buy at your destination, then consider doing just that.
  • If you have to bring checked baggage, ensure that your luggage is packed thoughtfully and not over-packed.
  • Try to bring either a checked bag or a carry-on since they are charged almost the same.swoop baggage fees

Swoop Airlines Lost or Damaged Baggage Policy?

Knowing what you can do if your baggage goes missing or gets damaged is critical. Swoop Airline advises passengers to contact the airline’s baggage service center upon arrival. The airline will search your luggage. Depending on the extent of damages or losses incurred, they’ll pay you up to some maximum amount. It is critical to ensure you maintain all receipts and other documents regarding the baggage and file a claim as soon as possible.


When getting tickets on a budget airline such as Swoop Airlines, research to know the restrictions and limits when it comes to checked baggage and carry-on. This is because these charges can increase your flight cost drastically. But when you adhere to the rules and instructions about fees, dimensions, and load limits, you will avoid unnecessary hassles or charges at the airport. So, pack wisely, weigh and measure your luggage, and buy an extra bag allowance early if you need it.

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