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120+ Catchy Pinterest Board Names and How to Get More Views

board name ideas for pinterest

Are you having trouble coming up with Pinterest board names? Fear not! I have compiled a great list of options to take your game to the next level. But first, let’s look at how you can come up with pinboard names.

Creating Pinterest Board Names

Pinterest is a competitive social media platform currently listed as one of the most used worldwide. It is the best image search engine for people. Pinterest has more than 80 million monthly active users. Therefore, if you own a website, it can be a great source of traffic. However, it would help if you created interesting board names that the algorithm likes for your pins to rank top.

Want to rank high on Pinterest? Here are some strategies you should follow while creating pins and board names:

  • Be Descriptive: Give descriptive names to your boards, maybe something like “Nail Designs for Wedding” or “Dinner Meal Ideas.”
  • Themes: Ensure each board has a particular topic or theme. For example, “Vintage Art” or “Best Wedding Venues.”
  • Be Creative: Come up with unique and attention-grabbing names, such as “Makeup I Love” or “Wanderlust.”
  • Be Personal: Develop Pinterest board names based on your interests and hobbies, For instance, “Destinations I Love” or” My Kitchen Hacks.”
  • Niche Down: Make boards tailored to a particular niche. For instance, “Yellow Nail Ideas for Winter” or “Minimalist Fashion.”
  • Be Humorous: When coming up with names, use humor. For example, “Funny Quotes” or “Silly Memes.”

While creating your pinboard names, it’s important to consider Pinterest SEO. Some of the things that the Pinterest algorithm considers include:

  • Account profile name
  • Profile description
  • The Pinterest board name, as well as the description
  • Your website
  • Pin name and description
  • Quality of pin and content
  • Account authority
  • Relevancy
  • Quality of landing pages

Therefore, if you want to succeed on Pinterest, remember the above things when creating pins and coming up with board names. Let’s now take a look at some catchy and unique Pinterest name ideas.

pinterest board names

Image source: Pinterest

Pinterest Food Board Names

  • Easy Dessert Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes for Family
  • Quick Dinner Ideas
  • Soup Recipes
  • Vegetarian Recipes
  • Beef Recipes
  • Casserole Recipes
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Dessert Charcuterie Board Ideas
  • Dinner Ideas With Chicken Thighs
  • Dinner Ideas With Ground Beef
  • Dinner Ideas for Two
  • Little Sugar Pot
  • Dessert Table Ideas
  • Food Recipes for Dinner
  • Healthy Dinner Ideas
  • Desserts for a Crowd
  • Dessert Dips
  • Food Community
  • I Am Starving Pins
  • Fresh Start Recipes
  • Delicious Delight
  • Balanced Diet Foodboard name ideas for pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

Cute Pinterest Name Ideas

  • A Door of Heaven
  • Eat, Sleep Eat, and Eat More
  • Nothing to Digest
  • Nuts Are Normal
  • Fly Like Flyer
  • What Goes In, Must Come Out (Oven)
  • Running Towards You
  • Dinner Destination
  • I’m Out of Fluids
  • Happy to See
  • Smiles Everywhere
  • Steering Makes Things Better
  • Doors Are Open
  • Adorable Moments
  • Happy to Help
  • Why Fake? Let’s Bake
  • Sweet & Simple Joys
  • Laugh Riot Central
  • I Like Cute
  • Comic Relief Corner
  • Humor Unleashedpin board names

Image source: Pinterest

Catchy Travel Pinterest Name Ideas

  • Dream Travel Trips
  • Let’s See the Biosphere
  • Soaking in the Sun
  • Google and Shorts
  • Traveling is a Healing
  • Flight to “La La” Land
  • Travel Bucket Lists
  • Underneath the Stars
  • Travel Inspo
  • Travelling Keeps Me Thriving
  • Travel on a Budget
  • Flights Are Economical
  • Backpack? We Have Got Your Back
  • Wonderland
  • New Friends, on the Way
  • World, Your Beauty
  • The World Is a Small Place
  • Travel Hacks
  • Driving Through the Mountains
  • Blend With Nature
  • One Step in the Other Land
  • Collecting Shells
  • Places to Must See Once in Lifepinterest name ideas

Image source: Pinterest

Wedding Pin Board Names

  • Dreamy “I Do’s”
  • Perfect Wedding Locations
  • Cherished Moments
  • Best Catering Services in Town
  • Towards a New Journey
  • Love Story Beginnings
  • Diy “I Do” Delights
  • Wedding Dress Ideas
  • Fulfilling Your Wedding Dreams
  • Bridal Beauty Bites
  • Wedding Wonderscapes
  • For Future Weddings
  • Met Your Special One, Yet?
  • Make Your Big Day a Special One
  • Big Fat Wedding
  • Salons For Grooms and Brides
  • Suggesting Wedding Venues
  • Wedding Venues
  • Wedding To-Do
  • Wedding Shopping Tips
  • Wedding Photoshoot
  • Fairy Tales
  • Pre-Wedding Cinematography
  • Wedding Advice
  • Latest Wedding Decoration Trendspinterest board names

Image source: Pinterest

Motivation Pinterest Name Ideas

  • Motivational Escape
  • Words to Remember
  • My Perfect Quotes
  • Cheer Up Quotes
  • Quotes 2 Pin
  • My Wellness Mood
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Quote of the Day
  • Happiness Is the Goal
  • I Am Creator, I Have a Dream
  • Colorful Age
  • Golden Words
  • Graceful Life
  • Finding Purpose of Life
  • Daily Dose of Motivation
  • Opening Your Thoughts
  • Groovy Moovy
  • Motivational Ninja
  • Making a Positive Difference
  • Inner Circle Motivational
  • Making the Difference You Want
  • One Step Ahead
  • End of Thinking Capacity
  • Girls With Self-Confidence
  • Do It With Confidence
  • Make Success Yours
  • Experiences to Motivatepinterest name ideas

Image source: Pinterest

Pinterest Board Names For Nails

  • Nail Inspiration
  • Summer Nails
  • Winter Nails
  • Acrylic Nails for Summer
  • Nail Design Ideas
  • Trendy Nails
  • Ombre Nails
  • Teal Nails for Summer
  • Beach Nails for Summer
  • Gel Nails for Summer
  • Almond Nails
  • Dip Nails for Summer
  • Nail Art Designs
  • Spring Nails
  • Blue Nails
  • Acrylic Nails
  • Short Square Nails
  • Easy Nail Design
  • Valentines Nails
  • Unique Nail Design
  • White Nails
  • Spring Nail Designs
  • Red Nails
  • Green Nails
  • Pretty Nails
  • French Nails
  • Summer Yellow Nail Ideas
  • Dip Nail Ideas
  • Red Valentines Nailspin board names

Image source: Pinterest

Best Home Board Names

  • 90’s House Decoration
  • Minimal House Decoration
  • New House Models
  • Luxury Home Decoration
  • Home Decoration Tips
  • Luxury Homes
  • Renovation Home
  • Better Home Decoration
  • Inspiring Room Decoration
  • Home Touch
  • Inside the Bottle
  • Aesthetic Room Decoration
  • Museum of Oldies
  • Own Country, Own Rules
  • Glamour Decoration
  • Excellent Accommodation
  • Studio Home Decoration
  • Striking Bricks and Grout
  • Home Garden and Kids
  • Amazing Home Ideas
  • Stowage and Organizations
  • Construction Worth Pinning
  • Plants & Wrist Corsages
  • Living With Nonliving Things
  • Full of Sense and Sentiments
  • Mark of Unity
  • Ultimate School of Everything
  • The Plate of People


The Pinterest platform can be a game changer, provided you know how to use it and stay active. Start with finding the right board names, as this can help attract more followers, increase user engagement, and drive traffic to your site. I hope this list of Pinterest board names was helpful. But if you don’t find something you like, consider using Pinterest board name generator tools. There are many such tools out there, and they can help you come up with catchy, unique, and relevant pinboard names.

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