Best of Ja Morant Hairstyles: The Ultimate Hairstyle Guide

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I am excited to join two of my interests: basketball and fashion. Let’s talk about a perfect figure for this topic, Ja Morant. You may recognize him as a celebrated basketball star.

The Memphis Grizzlies picked him in 2019 as the second overall in their draft. Later, he won the 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year. At just 24, Ja Morant boasts an impressive performance, averaging 27.4 points per game in the 76th NBA season.

You might wonder, “And the connection to hairstyles?” Stay with me. Ja Morant isn’t just a genius on the court. He also sets trends, displaying a composed persona and unique hairstyles.

This guide helps you appreciate the charm he brings, whether you’re a Morant aficionado or seeking a new hairstyle. Experience the allure of Ja Morant both on and off the court, with his unique hair game.

The Influence of Ja Morant’s Hairstyles

When watching basketball, I notice the significant influence that Ja Morant has on trends, especially hairstyles. His varied and creative hairstyles captivate his fans. They motivate many to experiment with similar styles. So, why do people strongly connect with and seek to imitate Ja Morant’s hairstyles?

  • Ja Morant’s Rising Popularity

Ja Morant bagged the title of 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year and swiftly ascended the basketball world’s ranks. This achievement made him a role model for countless fans.

They eagerly watch his games, track his life on social media, and invent ways to imitate him. Fans can easily mimic one simple and visible aspect – his hairstyle. This similarity allows them to feel a connection with their favorite player.

  • The Impact of Sports Stars on Fashion

Sports stars carry a heavy impact on fashion, with another piece in the puzzle. Think about Michael Jordan’s signature sneakers or David Beckham’s ever-changing hairstyles. These athletic icons often start fashion trends that catch on with their fans.

Take Morant as an example – his fame on the basketball court and his striking hairstyles draw a lot of attention. Fans not only notice, but they also often imitate his style.

  • The Unique Allure of Ja Morant’s Hairstyles

The versatility of Morant’s hairstyles captures the eye. He dares to experiment with varied styles. Be it braids, twists, cornrows, or locks, Morant confidently alters his look.

Morant’s brave approach to personal styling sends an empowering signal. It encourages fans to express their individualism through their own unique hairstyles.

ja morant dreadlocks

Ja Morant’s 8 Remarkable Hairstyles Across His Career

Next time you visit the barber, refer to this article to pinpoint the precise name of the Ja Morant hairstyle you desire. In this ultimate guide, I will unveil the amazing variety of unique hairstyles showcased by Ja Morant. These hairstyles not only reflect his personal preferences but also encapsulate elements of his professional athlete journey.

The Rookie Magic: The Freshman Fade (Afro)

I first met the fierce point guard from Murray State, and his relentless gameplay and eye-catching haircut turned heads. Morant, in the summer of 2019, stormed into the NBA with the “Freshman Fade.”

The Freshman Fade combines a traditional side fade cut with a neatly voluminous top. This style gave young Morant a sophisticated and daring air. Unfazed by the ‘rookie’ tag, his hairstyle eloquently displayed his confidence.

Ja Morant Dreadlocks

Morant consistently amazes fans and breaks records on the court while evolving his hairstyle. He transitioned to dreadlocks, a style with a long history.

Dreadlocks reflect the uniqueness and individuality of their wearers. These locks echo Morant’s rebellious character. They enhance his intense game, distinguishing him both on and off the court.

Why do dreadlocks suit him so well? Dreadlocks symbolize a warrior. It’s evident Morant continually displays warrior-like determination on the court.

Ja Morant’s Braids

Morant’s image and braids go hand-in-hand. He presents varying patterns that range in complexity. Regardless of the pattern, they enhance his distinctive look at all times. His braids, like his dreadlocks, reflect African cultural heritage and uniqueness.

Intriguingly, I see more and more players opting for braids. They might emulate Morant’s trend-setting style or appreciate the practicality and cultural weight of this hairdo.

Ja Morant’s Twist-outs

Morant sometimes flaunts twist-outs. This style goes beyond simple fashion trends. His hair’s twists mirror his unpredictable and dynamic court style.

Additionally, Ja’s carefree attitude and unique swagger define his look. They reveal much about his personality. Confidence and nonchalance guide him. He demonstrates these traits through his style and on the basketball court.

ja morant hairstyle name

Ja Morant Cornrows

Ja Morant wears cornrows like a pro. They are not just a style for him. They represent his passion, his resilience, and his dedication. And he does it all with a grace that leaves everyone astounded.

Unisex hairstyles like cornrows are easy to maintain. They’re great whether you’re going to the gym or simply stepping out in style. That’s why they’re becoming popular among women.

Ja Morant Locs

Ja Morant, our icon, made the locs trendy and stylish. This cool and rebellious hairstyle attracts many bold, young women. It’s hard to imagine that an NBA star’s hairstyle could become a dream for millions.

Curtain-Style Multi-Color Coils

We all remember the first time Morant mesmerized defenders on the court, his distinctive multi-color coils swinging. Those with afro-textured hair can consider this hairstyle. It combines a classic coil design and a daring multi-colored dye job. This look aptly symbolizes Morant’s vibrant personality and transformative talent.

Ja Morant Ponytail

Let’s go back to another season. Morant and his high ponytail were the focus of everyone’s attention. The ponytail of Ja Morant instantly became popular. It enhanced his court presence with elegance. At the same time, it preserved the youthful appeal that I cherish.

How to Follow Ja Morant’s Hairstyle Evolution

Copying Morant’s hairstyles is easier than mimicking his basketball maneuvers. For instance, you can recreate his multi-colored coils through dying, coiling, and curtain-method styling. Follow these steps to do it:

Choose the colors for your coils.

Clean your hair. Remove any product buildup. Make sure it’s dry.

Read the hair dye instructions. Apply the colors to your hair. You can divide your hair into sections and use different colors. You can also make a random pattern.

Let the dye sit on your hair. Follow the timing of the product’s instructions.

Timely wash out the dye with cold water. Do it until the water is clear.

Use a small curling wand or iron to make your coils. Wrap small hair sections around the wand or iron. Hold it for a few seconds.

Coil all your hair with this process. You can change the coil’s size and shape for a more dynamic look.

To use the curtain-method style, part your hair in the middle. Split each half into two more parts. Separate these parts to create a curtain-like effect with the coils.

ja morant hairstyle

Recreating Morant’s high ponytail involves discipline with hair grooming and using the right products to achieve slickness so effortlessly. Then:

Brush your hair to remove tangles and knots.

Apply a styling product like hair gel or pomade to the roots for hold.

Gather your hair at the crown and smooth it back.

Secure the ponytail tightly with a hair tie.

Smooth out any bumps or lumps in the ponytail using a comb or your fingers.

Use a finishing spray or hairspray to set your hair and enhance the sleekness.

Tips for Fans to Recreate Morant’s Iconic Looks

When attempting to recreate Morant’s hairstyles, keep these tips in mind:

Understand your hair type: If your hair is naturally curly or kinky, you’ll find it easier to achieve Morant’s styles. However, you might need to experiment with products or styling techniques if your hair is straight or has a different texture.

Buy high-quality hair products: Use styling products such as pomades, gels, or creams. Make sure they’re suitable for your hair type.

Be patient: Remember, you need to grow your hair out first to achieve a specific Morant-inspired hairstyle.

Appropriate Occasions for These Hairstyles

You can sport these iconic Ja Morant hairstyles on different occasions:

For casual outings: The buzz cut and afro with tapered sides work well. You can wear these styles for everyday wear, casual outings, and sporting events.

For social gatherings and parties: Braids with a taper fade really make a statement. You can wear these styles to social events, parties, or special occasions where you want to set yourself apart.

For formal events: The buzz cut and braids with a taper fade can suit the dress code. You can wear these styles to formal occasions like weddings or galas.

Maintenance and Care Required for These Hairstyles

Maintain each Ja Morant hairstyle diligently to keep it fresh. Do it as shown below:

Regularly visit your barber. This helps to keep fades and tapered sides looking sharp.

Ensure your hair is healthy. To do this, use quality shampoo and conditioner. Avoid over-washing your hair.

Take good care of your braids. Moisturize your hair and scalp with oils to prevent breakage and promote growth. Use a silk or satin pillowcase at night for extra care.

ja morant hairstyle


Ja Morant’s innovative hairstyles embody more than just hair. They trump individuality and respect his heritage. They also stake a daring fashion claim. Studying these hairstyles teaches us to cherish and articulate our own uniqueness in our hairstyle choices.

The sway of Ja Morant goes past the basketball court, shaping hair trends across the world. Adopting a Ja Morant hairstyle means more than just imitating a hairstyle. It involves accepting bravery, magnetism, and a distinctive outlook displayed through hair. So, express your unique personality through your hairstyles without fear. Allow Ja Morant’s distinctive looks to motivate you.


  1. What’s Ja Morant’s hairstyle name?

His hairstyle comes from his twisted Afro-textured hair and is known as free-form dreads.

  1. Can any hair type achieve Ja Morant’s hairstyle?

Indeed! Regardless of hair type, you can sport a style similar to Ja Morant’s. Embrace your natural hair texture and find a stylist to assist you in achieving the look.

  1. What makes Ja Morant’s hairstyle different from others in the NBA?

The free-form nature of Ja Morant’s hairstyle sets it apart. Unlike traditional locs that require a structured process, Ja Morant’s dreads form naturally. His hairstyle has a unique look because of this.

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