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How to Shoot Your Shot With a Guy

how to shoot your shot

Are you asking, “How can I shoot my shot with a guy?” Even thinking about it would send shivers down the spine, especially if you’re a shy person. You may not know how to talk or approach him to get his attention. However, flirting with a guy you have feelings for doesn’t have to be stressful. Knowing when to make your move and just being yourself will score you points with him.

Shooting your shot and everything turning out perfect can be a great thing. So, do you need some help to make your first move? Read on.

how to shoot your shot with a guy over text

7 Strategies on How to Shoot Your Shot

How to shoot your shot depends on two things. Those are the nature of your relationship and how far you’re willing to go with it. It could be sending him a direct message on social media or even proposing to meet after work or class for a cup of coffee.

So, if you are not sure how to shoot your shot with a guy, now is the perfect time. Plus, I have compiled some tips to assist you in finding the ideal way to pull your trigger.

1. Compliment Him

My first tip on how to shoot your shot with a guy is to give compliments. After all, who doesn’t love a compliment? But here is a secret: for it to work, be sincere. Saying you love his outfit, for instance, when you know nothing about male fashion, isn’t alright. It will sound insincere, and he will know.

Instead, say something nice about him that you like. You can say, for example, that you like his brown eyes, which allow you to make eye contact with him as you admire his handsome face. Usually, girls receive compliments more, unlike men. So, saying something positive about his appearance can help you get his attention.

how to shoot my shot with a guy

Apart from complimenting his appearance, saying something you like about him can be helpful, too. After all, if you have a crush on him, it would not be difficult to find a suitable compliment for him. He is likely to enjoy being praised by you, and he may look at you in a different light.

2. Send Him a DM

If you are shy, sliding into his DMs is an easy way to start a conversation with him. Approaching the guy online makes more sense if you have had little to no physical interaction with him. But before you send him a message, think about what you can say to elicit a reply.

If you send him a message about his last post or anything that might relate to him, it might catch his attention. Just pray that he gets it, and the conversation flows naturally from there.

3. Dress Well

If you are thinking about how to shoot your shot, the way you present yourself matters. As you already know, beautiful women attract men. However, this does not imply that you need to be a model or wear the latest outfits. Instead, take your time to look your best and ensure you are comfortable with what you wear.

how to shoot your shot with a guy over text

So, choose an outfit and style your hair in a manner that makes you feel great. This shows that you love and care for yourself, which is something men like. But ensure you don’t go overboard. Wearing clothes that fit and grooming well can change how the man perceives you.

4. Identify Their Hobbies and Interests

What does he like? How does he spend his free time? Knowing his hobbies or interests and showing him you are genuinely interested is certainly one of the fastest ways to get his attention. He will see that you like and care about him. Don’t know his interests? It’s alright to ask him. After knowing what he likes, look for a way to connect. Show him you share some common interests, and watch how he will start noticing you.

5. Be Yourself

One big mistake that women make while shooting a shot with a guy is pretending to be who they are not. Of course, remaining genuine when you are around someone you like can be challenging. As a human, you have insecurities, and you might feel that being yourself isn’t enough to make a guy fall for you.

how to shoot your shot with a guy

Just remember that eventually, they will discover who you truly are. It’s not possible to pretend forever. Therefore, showing them who you are is advisable instead of being the girl you think they want. Just be you. You might be surprised!

6. Choose the Right Time and Location

Another important tip on how to shoot your shot is choosing the right time and location. When attempting your shot, ensure you do it at the perfect time and place. Want to approach him in person? Do that when he isn’t busy or distracted. Avoid coming to him when he is with his friends or busy with work. So, when he is free, walk up to him, smile, and ask whether he would be interested in a chat.

Wondering how to shoot your shot with a guy over text? The secret is to do it at a decent time. Why? You do not want to send a text at one in the morning because that’s just weird, particularly if you are doing it for the first time.

how to shoot your shot with a guy

Does he work from nine to five, or is he attending classes in the afternoon? Avoid disturbing him during this time. Wait until there is a greater chance he is home to send the message. By doing so, you are being respectful, thus increasing your probability of receiving a positive answer. Doing it in person? Walk up to him, smile, and ask whether he would be interested in meeting for a chat later.

7. Stop Overthinking, Just Do It

You can spend all your time trying to devise a plan on how to shoot your shot with a guy and thinking through every scenario until you are afraid to make a move. Sometimes, it’s good to overcome your doubts and simply do it. He might just slip through your fingers when you spend most of your time thinking, which is heartbreaking.

Therefore, if you are still mustering the courage to approach him, just go for it. Besides, he doesn’t know what is in your heart. So, be courageous and let him know how much he means to you.

how to shoot your shot


Now you know how to shoot your shot, so there’s no excuse to delay things. But there is something you should know. It might not be successful. Do not fear rejection. Just let the guy know how you feel, regardless of the outcome. After all, letting out your emotions is much better than bottling them up. If he turns you down, consider it as closure and move on.

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