How Many Games Are in a Set of Tennis? The Detailed Guide

how many sets in women's tennis

Tennis is one of the most attractive games you can enjoy watching. But, when it comes to the scoring system, this is where most people draw a line. Many simply don’t understand how the scoring system works. So, it is not surprising that many people don’t know how to answer this question: how many games are in a set of tennis?

Six games are in a tennis set with a tie break at 6-6. If you want to understand more about how a set of tennis works and how a team or player wins the game, you should keep reading.

How Many Games Are in a Tennis Set?

Tennis matches consist of subdivisions commonly referred to as games and sets. Players play multiple games in one set and a few sets per match. A standard or regular set in tennis consists of six games. The winner comes from the team or individual who wins at least six games with a margin of two or more. If there is a tie at 6-6, the player will play a tiebreaker to find the winner. Now, let’s look at what the subdivision of tennis matches comprises.

Games and Set

In tennis, games are what make up a set. To win, players or teams must accrue six games won before their competitors. I’ve already mentioned tiebreakers; there is still more to learn about the win rule. For instance, a win-by-two rule applies if both teams or players reach five games in a set. If the game reaches 6-6, then a tiebreaker comes in.

Games in Pro Set

The number of games in a tennis set is also known as a pro set. In this case, the player or team plays a single game consisting of eight games instead of the standard six games. This means the first team or player to reach the eight games with a two-game margin wins. If the set goes past eight games, players must win either win-by-two or play a 12-point tiebreak at a score of 7-7.

A tiebreaker applies at a 7-7 score until one team or player reaches eight games with a margin of two over their opponents. Pro sets are gaining popularity, especially in the amateur leagues. I think it’s because they are played in the evenings, as those in amateur leagues are always working in the morning. how many games in a set of tennis

Examples of Tennis Set Results

If you are still lost on how to interpret the results of the scoring system, here is a quick guide. Check the examples below:

  • 6-0 Set: This set is also known as a bagel set. In this set, Player 1 wins six games, whereas Player 2 wins zero games
  • 7-5 Set: In this set, player 1 wins seven games, while player 2 wins five. In this case, the player or team needed seven games to win after they reached five games each. But, because of the tie, a win-by-two rule was applied to find the winner.
  • 6-2, 6-3, 6-4 Sets: These are more common and happen once or twice per set.
  • 7-6 Set: This is a match’s final type of set. In most cases, it happens when both players win six games in a set. And since there are no breaks, there is a tie break, and the first player to reach seven wins.

Games in Short Sets

The short tennis sets have only four games. The rules in short sets only apply when multiple games are on a single day. This is common in a one-day tournament for junior and senior players. The winner of the set is the first player who scores in four games. If the score is a tie of 3-3 or 4-4, a tiebreaker occurs. The most interesting part about this game’s single-day tournament format is the first two tournaments are short. On the other hand, the third set is a championship tiebreak, and the first player to reach 10 points becomes the winner. how many sets in tennis us open

Sets With No Tiebreaks

Though this rule was active some years ago, tennis players were not comfortable with it. In this rule format, there was no tiebreak. The game continued until either of the teams led in scores by a margin of two. Sets with no tiebreaks commonly appeared in Grand Slams and Davis Cup, but they did away with it. It remained applicable in the French Open for a couple of years, but they have since gotten rid of it and implemented tiebreakers as well.

Number of Sets to Win a Match

The number of sets played to win a match in a tournament varies between men and women. In most tournaments, the best 2 out of 3 sets are the most commonly used. But how many sets are in women’s tennis? In most professional tournaments, such as Grand Slams, women’s tennis play the best of three sets.

How Many Games in the Best-Of-Three Sets?

In the best-of-three set, the player who wins two sets out of three becomes the winner. I’ve already mentioned how best-of-three sets are used in professional women’s tennis tournaments. However, how many sets are in tennis at the US Open? In the US Open, the standard format used is the best-of-three sets. If Player 1 wins the first and third sets while Player 2 wins the second set, Player 1 wins the match two sets to one.

How Many Games Are in the Best-Of-Five Sets?

How many sets are in tennis at the US Open? In the US Open tournament, men’s singles match, the standard used is the best-of-five sets. The first player to win three sets out of five in this tournament becomes the match winner. However, this rule may change. For example, in the US Open 2022, a win-by-two rule was used in the match’s final set without allowing a tiebreaker at 6-6. And, on March 16, 2022, Grand Slam announced they will no longer consider two sets to win the final set. Currently, the tiebreak is at 6-6, and the winner must have 10 points and a two-point win margin. how many sets in women's tennis


I believe you now understand what the game of tennis looks like. So, how many games are in a set of tennis? When it comes to the number of games in an average tennis match, a lot of factors take place. Factors such as tournament type and level of play play a significant role. Moreover, the number of games played in a match is determined by the format and competitiveness of the player or team. The match duration of each tournament varies depending on weather conditions, player strategies, court surface, and game pace.

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